As Your 21st Century Credit Advocate Firm

We have helped hundreds of clients become restored to a credit viable state.  We have helped our clients correct the wrongs on their credit reports and realize the benefits of having pristine credit.  We have assisted and educated our clients on the importance of good credit and helped countless clients realize the dream of home and automobile ownership, low interest rate purchases and credit cards that pay them for using their services.

 If you have been living with negative credit WE CAN HELP!

You no longer have to be treated like a second class citizen.


At MYfi we understand what you’re going through and we are dedicated without equal to helping you achieve your goals. Don't hesitate, contact one of our representatives today and get the help you need. Call for a free consultations.

Our Services

 We offer services that are tailored to not only fit but address the needs of our clients. If you are a consumer and you have been dealing with negative credit or your a business owner and you can't procure funding for your business. You might want to start a new business and you just can't get your business off the ground, or your an employer who is struggling with keeping good talent or realizing a dramatic loss in productivity.

You owe it to yourself, your business and your employees to explore the best possible solutions to correct the problem.

At MYfi we offer the following summary of services

Credit Empowerment

Business Asset Building

Non-Traditional financial benefits

Business Coaching


Mortgage and Auto Preparation

Loan Procurement


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Benefit & Funding