We feel that some of the important questions should be answered up front so here are some critical questions which we feel should be addressed prior to introducing our solutions.

How Does This Benefit Help My Employees Meet Their Needs?

Financial Illness is the hidden cause behind loss in productivity, presenteeism, absenteeism, retention and loyalty. Utilizing our Personal Finance and Personal Credit Builders and having access to MYfi's Financial E-Learning video library will allow your employee to experience effortless restoration of their financial and credit position restoring them to a more productive employee. Utilizing our state of the art builders will help your employees realize a raise in their income without you actual giving them a raise. It will help them solve the financial stress which is directly correlated with high blood pressure, diabetes and other related illnesses. In essence lowering the amount of hosptial visits and medical costs.

How does your benefit fit into our overall program?

By making your employee financially viable again they are able to explore your core benefits. Living paycheck to paycheck employees are less likely to participate in certain benefits as well as dropping benefits that cater to their long term needs. Employees today are more concerned with now versus twenty years from now. Utilizing our platforms, employees can realize an immediate benefit as well as a benefit that will follow them into the future.

How would this benefit fit into our current workplace benefits strategy?

By supplying your employees with a benefit that deals with their everyday life and affording them the ability to see change, coupled with the fact that it is being offered by your company will build trust which is a major factor in creating a solid workplace. Employees want to be proud of the place they work at and feel as though they are valued. Myfi Solutions are designed to help your employees realize a better quality of life making your company one of the desired places to work.

How will this effect the work that our H/R department is already facing?

Our system will allow your HR department to manage all aspects of your employees. It will give them quick access to employee data, allow them to make benefit changes on behalf of the employee who had a life event change. It will show employees current or open enrollment selections and give them a view of recent events that have occured for that employee. Utilizing our change history link HR will be able to view configurable demographic changes. It also gives quick acess to employee enrollment and allows HR to complete open enrollment or new hire process as well as modify an existing enrollment. Our what's missing section will show any supplemental data that's missing and needs to be completed by the employee. All this is done through the system which puts all HR functions in one location for easy accessibility.

How will this be communicated to our employees?

At MYfi we believe in reaching people where their at. Whether it's digital, traditional, mobile or social media we will acommadate you. Our software has it's very own advertising space, you can advertise new benefits, promotions, positions etc. Everytime your employee logs into their system they can see a message directly from your company and reply via instant messenger right through the system. We also conduct educational webinars, online news letters and emails. We will conduct group workshops, one on one educational meetings printed materials and periodic online training. Your employees can access our systems on the go with mobile apps, text messages, tablet apps and mobile updates. We also stay in touch via social media utilizing linkedin, twitter, facebook and blogs.

Who pays for this benefit?

This is an employee paid benefit. However, employer contributions can be an option. Contact one of our professionals today for more information.

Can we see a demo of the system?

Absolutely, you can contact one of our professional by email at You can also request a demo by clicking here and filling out the contact information.