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Credit Empowerment Program

Credit Empowerment Service

At MYfi we offer a complete credit restoration and empowerment program. What we don't offer is pieced together or tier level pricing but a complete program that restores your credit viability and saves you tens of thousands of dollars over your life-time.

Our services are complete. When you purchase a home you wouldn't want to purchase the roof first for $10K and then the walls for $80K and then the plumbing, you get the picture. You would like to purchase a complete home. Well the same should be purchased when trying to return to a credit viable state. You shouldn't have to purcahse disputes and then if you want monthly score monitoring you have to upgrade or if you want a goodwill intervention you have to upgrade again.

Even though everyone has their reasons for offering services the way they do, we feel we would be offering an injustice if we charged a rock bottom fee for a service that we know isn't going to do you any good unless you upgrade.


Our Services


Many companies claim to fame is how many or how fast they can delete items from your credit report. However there are five components that make up your credit score so deleting items is 1/5 of the needed work for you to become credit viable again. At MYfi we isolete each of the five (5) component and utilizing the laws that were inacted for you the consumer, we are able to maximize each component which will allow you to realize a substanstial increase in your credit score and a correction in your credit profile.


Our consultations are ALWAYS FREE. Upon contacting our firm you will receive a same day consultation with a live professional credit consultant. We are more than just an online or E-mail service


We have a set monthly fee for individuals and couples that cover our credit empowerment services. There are no upgrade fees. We do offer other types of services, however you will never be billed for any additional service pretaining to your credit restoration. Other services offered by MYfi are available to our clients however it will be your choice whether or not you would like to explore and procure those services.


Our services are charged month to month after the work has been completed. You can cancel this service at anytime however we recommend you stay on the program for at least four (4) to six (6) month for the maximum results.


Situations arise in everyones life when the unexpected happens. Sometimes you will notice questionable late pays on your credit file. Our Good Will Intercession is the recommended tool for these types of situations It's approach can influence the relationship to help towards an absolute constructive impact on your credit file.


You will notice while in the credit restoration process your score will fluctuate. Score factors can be very helpful as a roadmap to building good credit. They indicate what elements of your credit history most impacted the credit score at the time it was calculated. Factors can paint a very clear picture of the top reasons why your score isn't higher, so you can take steps to improve over time. MYfi will conduct an analysis each month on your score and help you achieve the maximum results.


We believe that monitoring your credit is a must in the pre and post credit restoration process. As part of your restoration program both pre and post monitoring will be available to you. This will allow your counselors access to instant alerts and changes to your credit file and intercept any negative damaging information.


Taking on a home purchase or a vehicle purchase is a big step. At MYfi we believe that nothing is better than being prepared. Mortgage and Auto preparation is very important when restoring your credit. Depending on the type of purchase you are trying to make, just knowing that a professional is in your corner to help you be well prepared is priceless. Our counselors will be with you every step of the way to help you realize your next dream purchase.